Certified Licensed Appraiser / Loan officer

Serving the DMV area for more than twenty years. Appraisers AKA: Marcus Dockery has serviced the communities of all Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Baltimore.

Lenders, buyers and sellers and investors all trust the services of Appraisals DMV, LLC, Marcus Dockery.

When you call for an AppraisalsDMV Appraisal, you’ll usually get the report typically within two business days. Often in just one day. Service is always our priority along with professional and honest work ethics.

Our pricing is both fair and competitive and our services are varied to include just about any type real estate appraisal you could want or need. Marcus is also an FHA approved appraiser and Loan Officer. Just click through our links to see more information about Marcus’s services. Then call us for your next AppraisalsDMV Appraisal!

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